by Debbie Hurd
copyright ©  2006 
Dimensions: 3 1/2" Wide X 3" High
2" square slotted base     1/4" flat oval
#1 natural   #1 dyed (red or color of your choice)
11/64" flat oval   7mm flat
1/4" flat   seagrass
3/8" flat oval  16 mini heart brads (look in the scrapbooking section  of
Hobby Lobby or Michaels)
Cut from 1/4" flat oval:  16 stakes @ 6"
1.  Insert 1 stake in each corner so they angle outwards.  Insert 3 more stakes on each side.
2.  With the oval side up, triple twine 2 rows with #1 natural while base is still flat on table.  Roll sides up as
you continue to triple twine 3 more rows. (total of 5 triple twined rows)
3.  Weave 3 rows with 11/64" flat oval.
4.  Weave 2 rows with 7mm flat.
5.  Triple twine 3 rows with #1 red (or whatever color you choose).
6.  Weave 2 rows with 7mm flat.
7.  Weave 1 row with 1/4" flat.
8.  Cut and tuck.
9.  Rim with 3/8" flat oval, use seagrass as a filler and lash with 11/64" flat oval.
10. To add the heart brads, I waited until the basket was dry, then I used a small drill bit and drilled a small hole in the
rim between each lap of the 11/64" lasher.  You only need to go through the outside rim and not through the inside rim.
If you do not have a drill, try a tapestry needle to make the hole but practice on some scrap reed first to get the
hang of it.
11.  The brads don't go all the way through the inside rim so I took each brad and dipped the end in Elmer's wood glue
and then stuck them in the hole.  Once the glue is dry, they stay in.
Notes: A set with 1 base and enough mini heart brads for 1 basket are available for $3.50 from Bases To Weave (listed under Miscellaneous)

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